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Play Operate Now: Skin Surgery

Operate Now: Skin Surgery is another example of the popular games which depicts the surgery. The main storyline of this game is the skin surgery. It is a common fact that among the most critical surgeries, skin surgery is one of them. As a new player you can enjoy every part of the game. Truly, this game is very interesting and at the same time you can enjoy a lot of fun. As a player you have to perform the role of a doctor. That means you have to do a great task. The patient is a lady. She is admitted to the hospital with a wound in her leg. And a skin transplant is must and you have to do that job. So it is quite clear that you are playing the role of an efficient skin surgery doctor. The game is full of fun, and you can have the chance to learn some new tricks while playing the game. So in a word, you can learn so many things from this game.

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