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Play Operate Now: Leg Surgery

Operate Now: Leg Surgery is another interesting game with medical treatment. The key fact of this game is about the surgery. There are several games that show the surgery. But each game has a different story line with different body parts to operate. In this game you have to play the role of an efficient doctor who has to operate the leg of Jeffrey.

Now Jeffrey is the central character of his play. When you begin to lay the game, you have to follow certain instructions. Actually, the game includes some new instructions and some new features. While operating Jeffrey’s leg you have to hear the instructions of the nurse. The whole operation, activity includes some activities or tasks. And you have to perform properly all the tasks properly maintaining the serial order. You can use a number of essential tools at the time of surgery. The main highlight of the game is the surgery process. That means this game depicts all the necessary processes that you need to maintain in the surgery.

So basically this game is actually a good game with so many new facts to learn. While performing the surgery you have to use your own intellect also. With beautiful experience you can truly enjoy the game.

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