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Play Operate Now: Heart Surgery

Operate Now: Heart Surgery is a great interesting flash game. The game contains a beautiful story line. The central character of this game is a little boy. The name of the boy is Joe. Now you have to play the role of a good surgeon. Your work is to treat the boy properly. The boy actually has a heart problem. He is weak compared to other boys. Also, he gets tired very fast. So the only solution is surgery. Now, as a doctor, you have to operate successfully the heart of the boy.

As a doctor, you can use several different tools to operate the heart of the boy. As a player you have to make quick steps and so that the boy can survive. One interesting feature of this game is the use of the basic medical process to operate the boy’s heart. You have to first sterilize the chest area; then you need to follow the instructions of the nurse to complete the operation. Truly, it is a great job, and you can successfully perform the job with your patience and intellect. With the beautiful storyline, you must be desperate to play the game again and want to enjoy the fun.

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