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Play Operate Now: Brain Surgery

Operate Now: Brain Surgery is a famous flash game. It is another very popular on the list of Surgery Games. The most interesting part of this game is it is about the brain surgery. One of the most important characters in this game is a young woman. Her name is Leah. Now the game shows that she is suffering from a crucial problem. The name of the problem is aneurysm. To cure this problem, she needs a brain surgery. Now you have to operate properly to cure this disease. The interesting part of this game is the room nurse will instruct you to complete the surgery. The key story line is you have to make the operation successful and needs to save the patient’s life. The whole game truly explores many new experiences. One important fact is you have to use your own intellect also to play this game. For a new player, this game reveals so many new adventures. And no doubt, this game provides you a lot of fun. So play the game with great enthusiasm.

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