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Star Rebel Hospital Recovery is one of the most popular flash game in the Hospital Games category. This game clearly defines a new story line. The central character of this game is Rebel Star. The main story of this game is mainly related to the key character. When you begin to play the game you can see that Rebel Star doesn’t like the Empire, and her main aim is to protest against that Empire, she always uses every opportunity to show her protest. Even she sprays color on the logo to show her protest. But this incident leads to a severe problem for her, because it is the logo of the Alliance. After the incident, she is severely beaten. Now you have to recover her and give her proper medical treatment.

Honestly, you have to play the role of a savior and at the same time a doctor. If you complete the game, then you can see that she needs a complete medical treatment. That means you have fixed her broken bones, and heal her wounds. With this you have to prepare her for her next mission. So in a word, the game is quite beautiful, and you can enjoy it very much. With some beautiful features this is an amazing game.

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