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Mysterious Hospital is a good game. It is a popular flash game. This game is another famous game, which includes hospital activity. The cover story of the game is to clean the hospital. The game provides you a list of new features while playing the game. For a new player this game is truly an interesting game with some new tasks to perform. The game contains three levels. Each level is different from another level. Every level contains a mystery and you have to solve that. With some new features, you have to play the game with your new intellect, because you have to solve the mysteries at every level. To complete the game you need to complete all the three levels.

While playing the game you have to play the role of a detective, so that you can investigate the secret things in the hospital. Originally this game is a challenging game with so many hidden objects. As already mentioned, the game has three levels, and in the first level you have to find out the differences between two rooms. Both the rooms are similar and they contain medical items.

Now, after solving the mystery, you have to move to the next level. Now in the second level you have to solve different mysteries. In this level you have to discover some hidden objects located in the surgery room. And in the last level you have to solve the mystery regarding the pills. Also, the last level mystery is quite difficult and one of the most puzzle one. So at every level you have to use your imagination and knowledge to solve all the different mysteries. It is a true fact that this game is not only a fun game; you can learn so many things from it.

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