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Hospital Admin is a nice flash game. It is one of the most popular time management games. This game is different with a different story line. In this game, you have to assist the hospital nurse to manage the crowd of the patient entries. This game shows the crowd management of the hospital. It is a common fact that there must be a huge crowd in the hospitals, with different kinds are present in the hospital. To manage this huge crowd, you need to have an efficient nurse.

With a well-organized nurse, you can carry on the everyday administrative work. The nurse has to take care of every patient. She needs to see the medical care of every patient. Even she has to take care of other patients with different requirements. There are some new features in this game, and you can apply, then to play the game more smoothly. As an old player you can enjoy the game with fun, but for a new player, you have the opportunity to experience some new tricks. One key part of the game is the nurse has to attend the patients timely and has to spend sufficient time, because without proper time management you may lose the patients. So play the game with patients and enjoy it.

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