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Soccer Doctor is a nice flash game and one of the most interesting also. This game truly depicts a new story line. There are several doctor games which contain football matches. But this game is mainly not about any football game, the story line is about the treatment of an injured football player. When you first begin to play the match, you can see that a football match is going on, and the best striker of the match is severely injured. Actually, he has got injury on his legs and hands. Now he needs treatment instantly, but the problem is a medic is not available. Now you have to play the role of a doctor, who can treat the player with proper medical skill and equipment.

Actually, this game is a test about your basic knowledge on treatment. When you play the game you have to use some surgical medical tools to treat the player. For a new player this game provides a totally new experience. When you treat the player with the medical instruments, then you can enjoy a great fun. Truly, this game is a good game.

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