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Minion Emergency is a fine game. This game is actually related to the minions. One key part of this flash game is the central character of this game is the minion. Previously, there were several other minion games. Minion Emergency is also a beautiful game related to minion, but with a different story line. The game shows how the purple minions turn into evil minions, and how the evil minions perform their destructive activities.

This game actually depicts the basic fact that is the difference and the fight between the good minions and the evil minions. If you continue the game, you can see that one of the evil minions gets mad and he is hitting a yellow minion. After this fight the yellow minion should be admitted into the emergency. Now you have to treat the yellow minion in the emergency room. Actually, you have provided him proper treatment so that his wounds should be cured very quickly. As a player you have to play the role of a good doctor. After the treatment it must be your responsibility to make the yellow minion a healthy minion. Truly, this game is a different game with common fact and different presentation. So you can play the game to acquire a new experience and a lot of fun. For a new player this game is absolutely a new experience.

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