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Dr. Joe is a flash game. This game shows how a doctor can treat the animals and can provide proper treatment to them. As a player, you have to be the doctor to treat the animals. Actually, this game provides you the opportunity to use your skill as a doctor to treat the animals. Honestly, you have to be the veterinary. Not only an ordinary veterinary but you have to be a gifted veterinary so that you can correctly treat the animals. When you start playing the game, you can see some beautiful animals on the screen. One of the animals has a higher body temperature, and another has a heart beat problem.

As a doctor, you have to do a checkup of the animals minutely. Then you have to analyze the actual reasons behind these problems. To analyze the heartbeat problem you have to use your stethoscope, and to see the temperature you have to use the clinical thermometer. In a word, you have to use your necessary tools. After exploring the ill animals, you need to give medicines to them. You have to use the red pills for the high temperature that means for the fever. You can prescribe yellow pills for the heart problem. And you can prescribe a blue pill for those animals who are suffering from both the health problems. So this game is truly very interesting and enjoyable.

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