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Play Baby Lisa At The Doctor

When you want to play a beautiful baby game, then you must select Baby Lisa At The Doctor game. This is one of the most popular baby games. This flash game is truly a good game with so much fun. The story of the game is also unique. The central character of this game is baby Lisa. She and her mother together were on the way to attend a mall. But suddenly a wild driver missed the balance with his car and hit the car of the bay Lisa, and she is severely injured. Now an ambulance comes to the spot after some time and recovers Lisa to rush her to the hospital for the treatment.

Now one key fact of this game is that this game is also about the medical treatment. Now from this point a new twist happens, and you have to play the role of a good doctor, because, most of the doctors are attending different patients in the hospital. That means all the doctors are busy, so it is your responsibility to treat the little cute baby. You have to use different tools to treat the baby. While playing the game you have to use your basic imagination and intellect. You can enjoy the game and have a lot of fun. Truly, this game is full of fun, and at the same time you can check your ability as a doctor with basic knowledge of treatment.

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