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Elsa Dentist is a popular flash game. The central character of this game is Elsa. She truly had a beautiful smile. But currently, she has a severe dental problem. She likes to eat cookies, sweets, and chocolates. And this leads to a big dental problem for her. She has now teeth problem and gum problem. As a player, you have to be a good dentist so that you can treat Elsa. Actually, excessive use of sweets and cookies has created cavities in her teeth. With the cavities, she has now different colored teeth.

Now you have to use your skill as a dentist to treat them. You can use tools to fix black, green and yellow teeth. Also, you have to cure her gum problem. So the game completely a fun game with so many interesting features. The best part is the game is completely about the treatment of the teeth and the gum. Now, as a pro player, you can use some tricks to play this game. But if you are a new player, then you have to keep patience, so that you can play the game without making any mistake.

Truly, this game is a very interesting game, as you can learn so many things from this game. When you play the role of a dentist, then you must be provided some great options, which you can use to treat the teeth of Elsa. So, it is time to enjoy this beautiful game with so many new features. Play the game and learn different tricks.

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