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Play Cesarean Birth

There are numerous of hospital games at the online website that allows you to be the real surgeon and learn the different surgery and medical terms while playing.

Caesarean birth is one such online game that lets you save a mother named Lisa and her unborn child. The play and the instructions are quite simple. There are Mark and Lisa, who are anticipating their child to come after one month. However, due to some reason, the labor pain started earlier, and there became a scenario where the mother, Lisa needs a Caesarean operation to give birth to her child.

Now all you got to do is choose if you want to the intern or a specialist. In these two modes, you will have different benefits. When you are playing as an intern, you will get help in performing the operation. Hence it is a learning opportunity for the young medical aspirants. If you are playing as the specialist who has the complete knowledge about how the caesarean operations are done, then you will not get any help. However, you will achieve the double score.

This game is completely free to play, and you can play it online without the downloading any extra file on your computer. Being an educational game, this game will not allow you to improve your medical practice but also help you in have the online simulation experience. All you need to do is select if you are an intern or a specialist and play the game for saving the different virtual patients.

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